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Celebrating a Milestone: The Successful $AIT Token Launch on Pancakeswap

The AiMalls community is elated as we reach a remarkable milestone: the triumphant launch of the $AIT token on Pancakeswap. This achievement stands as a testament to the unyielding support of our incredible community. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each member for contributing to this accomplishment.

As we stride confidently forward, we introduce the next exciting phase of our journey: AiMalls $AIT : USDT Farming up to 10% APR is now LIVE!

About Staking

Staking your $AIT tokens offers an exceptional opportunity to deepen your involvement in the AiMalls ecosystem. However, it’s vital to understand that once you stake your tokens, they will be locked for 3 or 6 months of your choice. But here’s the good news — you retain the flexibility to claim your rewards at any time within this period and it’s USDT. This mechanism guarantees stability and aligns seamlessly with our long-term vision for $AIT.

About LP Staking

For those eager to embark on LP Staking, you have the chance to stake your LP tokens in the BNB/AIT pool and reap the rewards in $USDT, a cryptocurrency known for its stability. We offer flexibility with three categories, each amount staked featuring a distinct Annual Percentage Rate (APR):

Feeling ready to dive in? Here’s $AIT Official Contract Address: 0x5f113f7ef20ff111fd130e83d8e97fd1e0e2518f

A Simple Guide: How to Add LP Tokens Liquidity in Pancakeswap

1. Head over to Pancakeswap Liquidity: (

2. Click “Add Liquidity” and select the corresponding equivalent of paired tokens (BNB/AIT).

3. Use the official contract address 0x5f113f7ef20ff111fd130e83d8e97fd1e0e2518f to identify AIT as the token.

4. Opt for “Add V2 Liquidity’’ and designate the pair as BNB/AIT.

5. Approve the transaction via Metamask or your preferred wallet, and voila! After a series of confirmations, your Pooled Tokens Share in BNB/AIT will be displayed.

How to Stake Your BNB + AIT LPs and Earn $USDT

Once your LP Tokens are in place on Pancakeswap, you can start earning $USDT by staking your BNB+AIT LPs. It’s as simple as visiting the [AiMalls Staking]: page, navigating to the Staking menu, and selecting the BNB & AIT pair. Max out your BNB/AIT LP share and confirm the transaction via Metamask. Your journey to earning $USDT begins!

📖 Simple Guide: “Stake BNB/$AIT earn USDT Rewards”:

1. Go to our staking website:
2. Click “Add Liquidity” , you will be directed to pancakeswap
3. Click “Add V2 Liquidity”
4. Provide your LP Tokens (BNB/AIT), Click any token you want to maxout, it will automatically show the equal amount/price on the other token.
5. Click “Add” and confirm it on your wallet
After adding LP on PCS
6. Go back to our website:
7. “Connect your wallet”
8. Click “APPROVE”
9. Click “STAKE”
10. Click “MAX”
11. Confirm in wallet, you’re good to go and enjoy earning USDT in our LP Staking!

How to Stake Your $AIT Tokens and Earn $USDT

For those holding $AIT tokens, the process is equally straightforward. Visit the [AiMalls Staking]: page, access the Staking menu, and locate the AIT pool. Maximize your AIT token share and confirm the action via your wallet. Your path to earning $USDT is now open!

📜 Simple Guide: Stake $AIT earn USDT Rewards:

1. Go to our website:
2. “Connect your wallet”
3. “Select Stake AIT earn USDT” pool
4. “Select months of staking period
5. “Max out the amount of tokens you want to stake
6. Click “APPROVE”
7. Click “STAKE”
8. Confirm in wallet, you’re good to go and enjoy earning USDT rewards in our Staking!

Please Note:

  • USDT Rewards on staking will be based on the current price of $AIT , Your stake amount, and Months staked
  • Rewards are claimable anytime
  • Staked LP Tokens & Single Token are locked for 3 or 6 months of your staking choice.
  • AiMalls reserves the right to disqualify any participants that, in its reasonable opinion, are acting fraudulently or not in accordance with any applicable terms and conditions.
  • AiMalls reserves the right to cancel or amend the staking event at its sole discretion.

Understanding APR (Annual Percentage Rate)

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) represents the potential financial reward for users staking their cryptocurrency assets, factoring in interest rates and any applicable borrower costs. By staking your $AIT tokens, you can access a high APR, effectively allowing your assets to work for you.

Cross Staking Partnerships

Our belief in the power of collaboration remains unwavering. We are open to forging partnerships with other tokens, offering opportunities for Cross-Staking rewards with your token and cross-marketing initiatives. This collaborative approach introduces both communities to each other’s tokens, further enriching our ecosystem.

To put it simply:
(Cross-Staking Partner): Your Holders will stake your Tokens and earn $AIT
(AiMalls): $AIT Holders will stake their tokens and Earn (Cross-Staking Partner Tokens).

The AiMalls $AIT community extends a warm welcome to potential partners.

As we venture deeper into this exciting phase, we encourage you to actively participate in our journey. Join us in exploring the endless possibilities of LP Staking, Single Token Staking, and a future brimming with financial rewards. Happy Farming, AiMalls Armies!

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Disclaimer: Digital assets can be volatile. Their value may fluctuate, and there’s a risk you might not recover your initial investment. Your investment decisions are solely your responsibility; AiMalls bears no liability for potential losses. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) estimates cryptocurrency rewards over a specific timeframe. It does not predict returns in fiat currency, and actual rewards can differ from estimates due to daily APR adjustments. This is a reminder that the content provided is not financial advice.



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