AiMalls Partners with Floki to Use the FlokiFi Locker Protocol

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3 min readNov 24, 2023


Embarking on an exciting venture, AiMalls proudly announces a strategic collaboration with Floki, leveraging the cutting-edge FlokiFi Locker Protocol. This partnership signifies a momentous step in integrating AiMalls’ $AIT token with Floki’s innovative ecosystem.

Partnership: AiMalls x Floki

In a move to fortify the security and accessibility of $AIT tokens, AiMalls joins hands with Floki. Through the FlokiFi Locker Protocol, $100K worth of $AIT is now securely locked, exemplifying the commitment to enhancing the value and utility of the token.

Explore AIT on FlokiFi Locker:

About Floki & FlokiFi Locker

Floki is the people’s cryptocurrency and one of the most recognizable crypto brands, with an active partnership with a leading Formula 1 team and partnerships with eight international football brands. These partnerships have exposed the Floki brand to a mainstream audience of over 3 billion people.

The Floki Ecosystem is a community-powered ecosystem that aims to give people control of their finances through four key utility offerings:

1. The Valhalla NFT Metaverse Game.
2. The FlokiFi DeFi ecosystem.
3. The Floki University Crypto Education platform.
4. The FlokiPlaces NFT & Merchandise Marketplace.

FlokiFi Locker is a secure and innovative crypto locker solution that allows crypto project developers and individuals to quickly and securely lock Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens, NFTs, and fungible tokens. It is the only locker protocol to integrate the ERC-1155 standard.

FlokiFi Locker is one of Floki’s essential utility products powered by the FLOKI token and backed by the strong Floki brand and several leading industry brands.

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About AiMalls:

AiMalls is the first tokenized e-commerce company registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the Philippines. Certified by CertiK, powered by state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence, and underpinned by its utility token AIT. AiMalls transcends traditional shopping experiences, unifying sellers and buyers in a seamless digital platform where efficiency and customer satisfaction reign supreme. Our vision is to break down barriers between e-commerce and consumers, providing Web3 and Web2 users with the versatile shopping platform they’ve always desired.

📌Key Features:

🤖 AI-Powered Personalization — Advance AI algorithms to provide personalized product recommendations.
✅ Blockchain-Powered Security — Blockchain technology to ensure secure and transparent transactions.
📷 Live-Selling — Real-time Engagement, Interactive Shopping, Immediate Purchases, Authenticity.
🤖 AI-Driven Customer Support — AI-powered chatbots, Instant Assistance.
💎 Token Utility — Access Premium Features, Rewards and Incentives, Discounted, Rewards.
🛒 Abandoned Carts Solution — User-Friendly and Secure Checkout Process, Implements Reminders and Incentives to encourage buyers to complete their purchases.
🙏 Affiliate Marketing Program — Earn commissions by promoting products and drop shipping.
🔥 Burning Mechanism — 5% of the revenue from Advertising will be used to buy back AIT tokens from Exchanges, and it will be burned.

The collaboration between AiMalls and Floki marks a transformative moment, reinforcing the commitment to security, innovation, and the seamless integration of $AIT within the crypto space. As we look ahead, anticipate more collaborative innovations that will continue to redefine the intersection of e-commerce, AI, and blockchain.

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Disclaimer: This article serves informational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. Readers are encouraged to conduct their research before making any investment decisions.



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